From January 3 to January 10 2009, we had a team of 13 professionals and 12 undergraduates from the College of William and Mary providing free medical care to the community of Paraiso, near Santo Domingo.

During this time, we provided medical evaluations to nearly 650 patients, both in the school-based clinic and through roving medical outreach teams. Of these patients, 118 (nearly 20%) of them had medical problems severe enough that we will attempt to provide follow up care during our next trip. These medical problems included diabetes, asthma and high blood pressure as well as more urgent short-term problems such as infections.

Our volunteers paid for their own travel, lodging and food costs.  The organization was responsible for medicines and necessary medical and office supplies.  Considering this, these patients were seen at a cost to the Dominican Aid Society of $3.84 per person.

In future posts, we will describe the current project in more detail in order to give you a better idea of the organization’s current efforts.

January 2009 service team

January 2009 service team