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In exciting news, DASV is going to be taking part in a service trip June 2-June 13, 2009.  This trip will be as part of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine HOMBRE project.  This is the first year that DASV will be service site for HOMBRE, and our organization will help with finding the needed medical providers and faciliating their travel.

This will also allow for the first time as an organization, to have a large-scale medical service team in the Dominican Republic during the summer.  This is a big step towards sustainablity: if we intend to provide appropriate and adequate medical care to the community, we need to have a greater presence than what has been available to date.

This is a big opportunity for DASV to provide additional care in Paraiso as well as to enhance its effectiveness as an organization.  The site will be updated as the dates get closer and plans get clearer.


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