As a brief final report from June’s trip, I’m excerpting from the report we submitted to HOMBRE’s leadership:

“Our project was limited somewhat by the fact that I was unable to secure any U.S. providers other than myself to participate on this trip.  We had budgeted medications and supplies for 3 physicians working for 8 days.  As it turned out, we worked with a Dominican physician on June 4, 5, 6, 10 and 12; and a second Dominican physician on June 7.  This limited our total # of patients seen, as we had to spend some time on June 4 and June 7 orienting the Dominican doctors to our system.  Also, on June 8 we did not have a Dominican physician and so could see fewer patients that planned.
Overall, our estimate is that we saw approximately 425 patients from June 4-8 and another 100 patients June 10-12 for a total of around 525 patients during the project.  I think that, had we been able to secure 1 or 2 more physicians (as I had hoped) we could have easily increased this number to 800 or 900 patients.”

Personally, I am tremendously proud of the HOMBRE students I worked with and am thankful to them for their hard work, their perseverance and resiliance, and impressed by their determination during this project.  Kate Zedler, Mai Grant, Zeenia Gilani, Mona Singh, Trevàn Rankin, David Hsu, Max Sirkin, Nhi Nguyen and Katie Sprinkel: all did an amazing job, and I am glad that I was able to work with such an outstanding team.  Mohammad Torabinejad (one of the SOMOS students) was invaluable, and many of the community’s residents worked very hard to make this trip a success.

June 2009 HOMBRE group--thanks to all that helped!