The next medical service team to Paraiso is leaving for the DR in 4 days. The team is made up of physicians from the VCU-Shenandoah Valley Family Practice Residency, Georgetown University’s Family Medicine Residency program, and medical students from VCU School of Medicine and Georgetown University.

This team is planning on being in-country for 13 days, and will be providing direct clinical care for 10 of those days. We’ve tentatively planned on providing care for over 1,000 patients.

This is the third trip to the community this year, and is a major step forward in trying to provide better ongoing care to the community.

This trip was a relocated trip that originally was traveling to Honduras until the political situation there became too unstable to allow the trip to proceed. We might or might not have these participants working in the DR next year, but one never knows how these contacts might develop moving forward.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to provide some updates while the team is in the DR. Keep an eye on this site just in case.