Tuesday was our well-deserved day of rest! We arranged for our daily bus driver to take us to Guayacanes, a beach about 1.5 hours drive from the city and it was less touristy than others like Boca Chica. The beach was essentially ours save for a few locals renting umbrellas and the water was clear, warm, and inviting. A nearby restaurant gave us a place to relax from the sun a moment and served delicious mango ice cream in a real frozen mango. We were able to remain on the beach through one rain storm, but our day ended with everyone getting drenched by an afternoon downpour as we ran towards the van. So the ride home was wet but it was the first time we truly appreciated our warm showers since most other days we come home hot needing a cool rinse. Dinner was an exciting experience at a restaurant that catered to entertaining and introducing to local culture. As we waited for our food, two people danced including a dance where one person stood on a rum bottle and was spun around. Afterwards the woman dancer grabbed Dr. Tommy Ball to join her in a dance and he got to show off his latin dancing skills for the entire table. Despite objections, the male dancer grabbed Katie Mitchell to dance as well while the rest of the table brainstormed excuses for why they could not dance, such as gripe, epilepsy, and diarrhea. The night ended as it usually does, laughing together on the 5th floor patio enjoying the breeze and city view.

-Katie Mitchell, 4th year medical student at Georgetown University