Today we left our Hostal at 8:00am and headed in our minivan to Paraiso. We were greeted by about 50-60 locals, all eager to see the Doctor. They were lined up holding their ticket that Magalys (school principal) had handed out before we arrived. We split up to the 3 different rooms, triage, consult, and pharmacy. Dr. Thomas Ball (attending) and Candice Roman, MS IV headed to Esfuerzo with our local guide Luis. They visited 4 different houses, tending to their medical needs and also completing a survey. Dr. Molly Vorster (PGY-3) checked in the patients, collecting demographics and appropriate vitals. Molly noticed that there were more male patients checking in today. And once again a common chief complaint was “gripe”, which can translate into multiple physical symptoms. The patients then headed to a consult room for their visit with the doctor. Dr. Sarah Fellers (PGY-2) and Steve Sosnicki, MS IV were in one consult room. They mostly saw patients with “gripe”, headaches, body aches, rashes and high blood pressure. The other room was staffed by Dr. Debbie Brunner (attending) and Jen Montgomery, MS IV. They also saw some interesting dermatological cases. The patients then headed to the pharmacy to be greeted by Dr. Ranit Mishori (attending) and Katie Mitchell MS IV. Most patients received parasite treatment, vitamins and a tooth brush. Other common medications included antibiotics, anti-hypertensive medications and topical steroids/antifungals. At the end of the day, a total of 100 patients were seen. Highlights of the day included performing minor surgery on the local dog, Heidi by Dr. Molly Vorster. Using sterile technique, Dr. Vorster beautifully removed a tick from its neck. Dr. Fellers says one of the highlights was having a translator who didn’t sneak English. Jen Montgomery was especially excited about the local cuisine served at lunch, and she is known for going for seconds. Katie Mitchell says one of the highlights of the day was also the food (these medical students like to eat!) and was pleased to have a traditional American dinner of pizza with corn topping that night.

-Sarah Fellers, 2nd year Family Medicine Resident at Georgetown University