We were happy to have our second day off today. It was a nice Sunday, and the students and residents decided to take another trip to the beach. This time we opted to stay closer to Santo Domingo, so we asked our usual taxi driver to take us to Boca Chica. This was a popular beach and tourist destination. Many vendors walked the shores selling everything from necklaces and flotation tubes, to hair braiding and sunglasses. We spent many hours floating in the calm, not so clean, water. It was a relaxing morning and afternoon, with good weather. Accompanying us on our excursion was our driver and his son who even got in the water and shared in our makeshift lunch.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dan Lawrence and Dr. Ball went on their own adventure around the capitol district of Santo Domingo. Their stops included several historic museums, Columbus’ son’ house, and finally witnessing a healing prayer session. We met back together at our hostel around 4:30pm where we were met with some maintenance problems. Air conditioners in our rooms were mysteriously not working, and water service would come and go. Despite these problems, all of us came out clean from the beach and ready for an excursion down to the Zona Colonial. With stormy, dark clouds as our companion, we went on a walk to the very touristy, downtown Santo Domingo. Dr. Ball did not come with us, but decided to stay behind at the hostel for some much needed rest and to plan our next clinic day at Ramon Lopez’s location. It was crowded downtown, but in general most stores were closed for Sunday. We made one stop at a much needed souvenir shop. Molly managed to find a Dominican Republic patch for her travel bag, already having patches for all the countries she had visited. Steve found a purse made of pieces of coconut for his mother, as well as postcards for friends and family.

The restaurant we ended up at for the evening was called Anacoanes, a popular establishment with outdoor seating. We got a variety of food, including wraps, pizza, and chicken curry. We managed to finish most of our meal before the rain forced us inside for dessert. After 2 well-made flans and a round of shots covered by the restaurant, we took a taxi back to our hostel, ready for a new clinic tomorrow.

Candace Roman – Medical College of VA MS4

A team photo, for the record: