So, with two clinics behind us, we have a better sense of how the project is going. The team has come together very well, with the SOMOS students stepping up and working hard to expand the services we provide, the providers working hard, and our pharmacy student, Deborah, coordinating and running a pharmacy that 2 days ago was a jumble of pills and bottles in our luggage. It is always amazing how quickly these teams come together, how the sense of mutual support develops, and how everyone works hard to provide care to our patients.

More housecalls today, and we found a few patients with newly-diagnosed chronic illnesses and were able to set them up with treatment.

Meanwhile, the community development project is working to analyze the results of the community meeting two days ago, and is working to develop the first step toward a meaningful project.

Overall, solid progress in these first few days. Tomorrow, a Dominican doctor (who worked with us in June) will be joining us and will allow us to see more patients in the clinic while continuing the housecalls. Margo, the nurse practitioner who is joining us on the trip for the first time, will be heading up the housecall team–we have a list of patients to be seen based on the results of the conversations with patients today.