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As the weather turns cooler and students return to college, it is time to start planning ahead towards the next service trip to Paraiso.  This is tentatively scheduled for  the first week in January 2010.  That seems awfully far away to be talking about it now, but the truth is that it takes long enough to prepare for the trip: to organize the team, to prepare supplies and secure medicines, etc. that four months is likely the shortest time frame we can actually use.

I realize this site has been pretty quiet.  Our organization is small enough that there is no-one assigned to update the blog, and I would rather post when I have something interesting to say.  That results in posts that are more frequent just before, during, and just after a trip.  But it also means that things can be a little quiet in between.

I am planning on trying to update the blog a little more often through the fall, during the preparation phase of the trip.  I think it might be interesting, for those who follow along and/or find the site, to see the nature of the planning and preparations.  There are many moving parts, and I hope that seeing it all come together at the end will provide additional insight and understanding as to how difficult and how rewarding the effort can be.


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