Yesterday, the team arrived and gathered at the hotel–all arrived safely, and all the luggage made it through.  This morning, we received the rest of our medicines (which we purchased locally) and counted out the vitamins we brought and that we will dispense to nearly every patient we see.


This afternoon the team went to Paraiso, allowing the new members to familiarize themselves somewhat with the community.  The team also set up a “gran evento”: a big event, with face painting and games for the kids, music and dancing, and food and snacks for all.  Also: a community meeting to discuss the near-term plans for the project.


Last year, at a similar meeting, the community expressed an interest in a trash collection program, but this was not sustained (for various reasons).  At this year’s meeting, the community continues to express this interest and feels this will help improve the community’s health status.  The government representatives at the meeting expressed their commitment that they will work to ensure that a truck comes around regularly to pick up all collected trash.  Now, we can determine how best to assist the community in working out the best way to ensure the trash gets collected.


After dinner tonight, final clinical preparations will follow.  The first day of clinic is tomorrow.


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