It is always difficult to assess the final results from trips like this. How does one determine whether it was worth it?

–We provided direct care to about 400 patients, and distributed parasite medicines and vitamins to the community of Esfuerzo.

–We identified patients with chronic illnesses whose health might be improved (and for whom complications might be reduced or avoided) by addressing these illnesses.

–We strenghtened community ties, made new friends, and renewed our commitment to doing the best we can for our patients and for economicslly-marginalized communities.

–We taught students principles of team-based and patient-focused care, and demonstrated how to work in resource-poor areas without sacrificing proper care.

–We demonstrated principles of humanism, medical professionalism, and compassionate care.

–We bonded as a team, as friends and as current and future colleauges.

I don’t know how to judge which outcomes are the most valuable…but I don’t really care.

It was worth it, for all the reasons above and for many other reasons not mentioned and maybe difficult to explain

It was worth it.