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Since I’m re-posting Jess’s post here, I figured I would use the same title.

Jess describes the nature of the team exactly: everyone does whatever work is needed, whenever that work is needed.  We all chip in–regardless of title, position, or experience.  Strong teams are created by a unified sense of purpose and mission, and this is best communicated when the team’s leadership focuses on meeting the goals needed to make the project successful.  If this means seeing patients–then so be it.  If this means counting pills–then that is what we will do.

This has been the approach from the very beginning, with 5 undergrad students in 2005.  No job is too small, and no person is too big.

And that is why we are still here, working with this community, in partnership.


Jess Lucia has documented this year’s DASV medical service team in this blog post, and her thoughts on returning to the DR for the second time here.

Jess writes about these experiences better than I can, and her photos are lovely.  Please take a moment to read these posts.

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