Our Steps to Helping the Right Way

CIRCLES OF INFLUENCECircles of Influence:

As a group of medical  and other professionals we try to partner with professional circles to help in the process of bringing substantial and meaningful aid to the Dominican Republic. While medicine is a major aspect of what we provide, we realize that there other significant pressures that medicine simply cannot solve.

immersionCultural Immersion:

In order to fully understand the situation that is going on in the more marginalized communities of the Dominican Republic we stress the importance of going down and providing help first hand. This allows us to establish a trusted relationship and meaningfully impact cater the individual needs of each community. We try to venture down 3-4 times a year.


We realize it’s hard for people to care about something they never seen. That’s why we believe it is essential to talk about our experiences and engage the Richmond community in a way that gets people talking. The problems in the Dominican Republic is not an isolated issue: third world poverty affects over 1 billion people.


The only way we can provide the lasting aid to the Dominican Republic is through donations. Whether it’s twenty bucks or fifty cents every donation goes to providing medicine that significantly improves the lives of hundreds of people.


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