No organization can do this sort of work in isolation.  Some of our most important partner organizations include:

The College of William and Mary’s Student Organization for Medical Outreach and Sustainability (SOMOS)

SOMOS is a student-based and student-run service learning organization at the college of William and Mary in Virginia.  SOMOS students have been active in our outreach program since the beginning (2006) and provide key community engagement and clinical assistance during our Dominican trips.  A more detailed description of William and Mary’s engagement was published in the college’s alumni magazine and can be found here (the article was published when the organization was named WAMMMC, before it re-named itself and set up a new website).  Another excellent description of the organization can be viewed here and you can view a video of the project here.

Fundación Sol Naciente (FUSNI)

FUSNI, a Dominican non-profit organization run by Dr. Ramón López, has been instrumental in helping us establish our current project in Paraiso.  He has helped with everything from arranging meals and transport to helping us find needed medications and supplies upon arrival.

Honduras Outreach Medical Brigada Relief Effort (HOMBRE)

Medical students from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine HOMBRE organization spend 2 weeks in June, working in Paraiso to provide follow-up care and continued community development to the community’s residents.