Our flight to the DR leaves 6 am tomorrow.  Faced with a decision to leave tonight and spend the night in DC vs. a midnight run straight to the airport, the plan is for the latter.  Sometime around 1 am the meds will be loaded into the car, I’ll pick up Jess Lucia and we’ll head to the airport.

The team this year is a small one: myself, Morgan (a 4th year medical student), Jess, Prof. Aday, and 14 undergraduates from William and Mary.  We expect that a Dominican doctor will be joining us to help ensure that we can provide the necessary care to the community’s residents.

If the interwebs are willing, I will update the blog from the DR.  Please keep an eye out for the updates.  Also, Prof. Aday will be updating his blog from the DR and can provide an additional perspective on the work.